Our team

In etomedivet you will be attended by a team of health professionals who bet on specialization and teamwork. We regularly attend national and international congresses to be updated in the latest advances in the medicine of cats and dogs. Through continuous training by regularly conducting masters, seminars and specialization courses the team is always up to date.
We invest in quality!


Tania Jasny


Veterinarian, DVM, licensed by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1994), founder of the veterinary clinic mediVET in Marbella. Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist by IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, 1998); University Expert in Fundamentals of Dog Assisted Therapy at the University of Seville (2010), Master’s Degree in Clinical Ethology and Animal Welfare at the University of Zaragoza 2014. Collaboration with the company Educan, pioneer in Spain in the development of training methodology and behavior intervention based on cognitive-emotional skills, providing training courses in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Buenos Aires (2011-2016).

Member of Avepa (Association of Spanish Veterinarians Specialists in Small Animals) and Gretca (Avepa Group of Clinical Ethology Specialists).

Responsible for the management of etomedivet and the department of soft tissue surgery. Her main areas of interest are internal medicine, ethology, the welfare of cats and dogs and their relationships with people.

Her other family is composed of Gota, a Spanish Greyhound found in a state of abandonment with a poorly welded fracture and that after being surgically operated on the affected limb needed months of physical and emotional rehabilitation until her complete recovery. Today she lives happily with Pipa, a zappy and happy Irish Terrier bitch and with Lola, a cat of almost 16 years, who thanks to preventive health care keeps her dog companions at bay.


María González


Veterinarian, DVM, graduated from the University of Cordoba (2013), has a postgraduate degree in Feline Medicine and is currently processing the European Certificate in Feline Practice (ESVPS) from the European School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ESVPS) . She is a member of Avepa (Association of Spanish Veterinarians Specialists in Small Animals), member of Gemfe (Group of Veterinary Specialists in Feline Medicine) and member of the group of specialists in Clinical Pathology Avepa.

Responsible for the area of anesthesia and feline medicine, in addition to the development of preventive medicine programs. With special interest in infectious diseases, dermatology and internal medicine.

Her inseparable companions are her beloved dog Teddy, 12 years old, with whom she lives since her college years and thanks to preventive medicine, enjoys great health and vitality. Also her affectionate cat Kero, rescued in poor conditions in a ditch has joined her family where he has received the best care to recover and live happily. Finally, her huge teddies, the mare Hispania and the horse Al’andalus that she has seen to be born and grow.


Pepi Garrido

Nurse and receptionist

She will receive you at your arrival at the clinic and make sure that your pet and you feel comfortable in our center. She is in charge of managing the appointments diary so that everything runs smoothly. She carries out the telephone follow-up of the clinical cases and will contact you to remind you when your cat or dog has to be treated. In addition to making you feel at home, she will have prepared your orders so that you can always find everything you need in animal food, supplements and accessories.

She has great abilities in the management of the patient and a special interest in the intensive care of the hospitalized animals and in the assistance in the operating room.

Her great weakness are cats and especially “Mucky” whom she revived after being born by cesarean with so much care and affection, that she did not want to separate more from him, beginning at that moment their life together.


Sandra Mcdermid


She deals with the aesthetic care of your cat or dog. Patient and experienced makes sure that your pet’s visit to the grooming session does not become a stressful experience. This is why she takes the time each animal requires to finish the job. The animal´s well-being is always the priority, that´s why if needed, Sandra establishes periods of rest during the beauty session. With the best care and the best products you get the best results. Always up-to-date with the latest advances and techniques in aesthetic care.

Her madness are “Pitu” and “Maya”, two Bichon Frize. “Pitu” at age 14 suffers some health problems, but thanks to the care of the whole family, is solving the ailments. “Maya” helps in this task by notifying Sandra when a mishap related to her pack mate occurs. Both are an example of canine friendship and affection.