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Specialized in cat and dog health

  • Preventive medicine

    Through a set of individualized medical actions and the monitoring of some guidelines we intend to maintain an optimal state of health and anticipate the appearance of possible diseases. It is the key for a long and happy life!

  • Early diagnostic

    The options for a successful clinical evolution of a pathology will be greater when an early diagnosis is made. This is why it is important to know what kind of behaviors may indicate an alteration in the health of our partner. We will help you to recognize early symptoms!

  • Mutidisciplinary treatment

    A therapeutic approach working as a team with different veterinary specialists maximizes the options of medicine, being fundamental in many cases, as for example in oncology. We collaborate with specialists of prestige for the good of your pet!

Behavior and animal welfare

When a cat or a dog comes into our lives we are filled with a feeling of joy with the expectation of our life together. After a few very exciting moments, it often happens that reality does not correspond to the imagined coexistence. The good news is that, with the knowledge that the behavioral sciences provide, we have the necessary information to look for individualized solutions adapted to each case. It is also important to bear in mind that prevention can avoid 80% of behavioral problems. The diagnosis must be accurate, we must recognize if the inappropriate behavior has an emotional, physical, mental and / or social basis. Once the problem has been diagnosed, we design a working protocol adapted to each binomial, its lifestyle, its schedules, etc., to facilitate the monitoring of patterns of behavior modification and optimize results.

We want to improve the quality of life of your pet, we want to facilitate the relationship with your cat or dog, we want your furry ones to be happy!

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5,000 years ago Egyptians already knew the uniqueness of the feline species. Thanks to history and science, we come to its ancestor, Felis lybica. By studying its evolution we understand the cats needs, which are respected both by our team and by the environment created exclusively for them in our center.

We put at your disposal a simple protocol of handling and preparation of the visit to the clinic with your cat to facilitate the experience. Your feline is an expert in hiding symptoms or pain and 1 year without examining it are equivalent to 4 years without reviewing your own health.

Do not forget its yearly health check up!

Our goal is to maximize your cat´s quality of life!


Each patient is unique and as Gregorio Marañón (doctor, scientist, writer and thinker) said, “there are no diseases but patients”. This is why, when we evaluate a clinical case we do it in an integral and individualized way, taking into consideration each and every one of the characteristics that surround the animal (habitat, routine, family, food, …).

It’s not just about meeting its physical needs, you have to know its emotional, mental and social needs. These can vary according to the species, race, age or sex, and so we will also assess these aspects of our patients and advise you on how to optimize their health and happiness.

We want healthy and happy pets!